Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-kai Watch is a series of role-playing videogames and a mixed-media franchise, created and developed by Level -5. The original game was released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in July 2013 by Level-5 and in April 2016 in Europe by Nintendo. A sequel, Yo-kai Watch 2, was released in three versions; Ganso and Honke, which were released in Japan in July 2014, and Shinuchi, released on December 14. A spin-off game, Yo-kai Watch Busters, was released in July 2015. A third title, Yo-kai Watch 3, was released in July 2016.

Six  manga adaptations have been produced. An anime television series produced by OLM, Inc. began airing in Japan from January 2014 and began airing in Europe from October 2015. An animated film was released in December 2014 with a second film following in December 2015. A third film was released in December 2016. A fourth film was announced for release in 2017.